London On Tornado Warning Alert

London On Tornado Warning Alert

By Samantha Jones-

London, along with several other areas in the UK, is on high alert as the Tornado & Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) has issued a warning for potential tornadoes and severe storms.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant as wind gusts reaching 50mph to 70mph, along with isolated tornadoes, could pose significant risks.

TORRO’s warning encompasses central and eastern Wales, the Midlands, South West England, the Channel Islands, and parts of Central South England, notably London.

The organization highlighted the possibility of occasional lightning and hail, adding to the weather concerns for affected regions.

According to TORRO, the atmospheric conditions are conducive to the formation of severe weather phenomena. An area of low pressure moving north-northeast to the west of the region, coupled with a slightly unstable air mass to the east, sets the stage for potential storms.

Bands of showery rain, already containing lightning in the south of SW England, are expected to traverse the warned areas.

TORRO’s Convective Discussion emphasized the presence of strong deep-layer shear and upper forcing, which could align the precipitation into lines, enhancing the risk of severe weather.

These weather patterns may result in wind gusts of 50-60mph, locally reaching 70mph in extreme cases. Additionally, hail and lightning strikes are possible within the stronger cores of the storms.

While the overall tornado threat is deemed low, TORRO warns of the potential for one or two tornadoes to develop, especially within areas experiencing stronger 850 hPa flow. Residents are advised to exercise caution and stay updated on weather advisories.

Contrary to TORRO’s warning, the Met Office forecasted strong winds with speeds reaching highs of 46mph and lows of 31mph for London.

They anticipate occasional brighter spells throughout the day but warn of increasing breeziness and mostly cloudy conditions into the afternoon, accompanied by showers and very strong winds, particularly along the coast.


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