Kim Khardashian Talks Candidly With Daughter About Night She Was Born

Kim Khardashian Talks Candidly With Daughter About Night She Was Born

By Isabelle Wilson-

Kim Khardashian spoke intimately with her daughter, North about the night she was conceived during the Nov. 24 episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians. As seen in the footage, Kim brought the story up while she and the 9-year-old were visiting designer Olivier Rousteing in Paris, France, and, as Kim explained, Olivier possibly had something to do with North’s creation.

“Northie, I’ve known Olivier since before you were a baby,” Kim told North during the episode. “And he gave daddy this blue dress that daddy wanted for me. It was my birthday the year before you were born and I wore the dress, and I got pregnant and you got in my belly the night I wore that dress.”

Kim admitted, “So, Olivier might have a little something to do with the reason you’re on this planet.”

North listened closely to her mother as she snacked on French fries.

Kim wore the gown to join Kanye West at the Angel Ball on Oct October 2012, roughly eight months before North was born.

Taking to Twitter during the episode, amused fans shared: ‘LMAO not Kim telling North she got pregnant when she wore the blue dress #TheKardashians’ and ‘Kim sounds like Kris right now lmao telling North all these damn stories and she just sitting there with her coke #TheKardashians.’

Kim added in confession that each of her four children gets, ‘at least one trip with me a year, and North loves this. She’s here with her mom and her grandmom.’

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Kanye West and Kim Kharashian                                                      ANGELA WEISS/GETTY IMAGES                                                                                   

The pair were then seen trying on different ensembles for Paris Fashion Week, with Kim saying: ‘It just also shows my daughter the work I’m putting in.

‘There is a whole business behind it so I like to show her that like this is still fun for me. Work could be fun.’

Kim was left red-faced after name-dropping Demi Moore in a meeting with head Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia, known as Demna.

As Kim was getting ready to walk in the Balenciaga show, Demna asked if it was her first time walking a runway.

Kim responded: ‘Yeah. I mean, I walked… don’t laugh… I walked a show… do you know like Ed Hardy? 2006? So that was my debut in L.A. Fashion Week. So yeah, I’ve evolved!”

It also emerged today that Kanye West shared explicit images of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with Adidas employees

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the rapper and fashion designer has been accused of showing a potential new hire an “intimate” photograph of his ex-wife during a job interview many years ago.

Another employee earlier, alleged the father-of-four showed him an explicit video of Kim Kardashian.

A third person said that West was “not afraid to show explicit images or talk about situations that should be kept private”.




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