OMG how cute is Justin Timberlake’s bundle of joy!! The “like I love you” singer finally shared a photo of his new-born son “Silas” over the glorious weekend. Don’t you just love a sneak peak at a celebrity baby? We do!

SILAS & THE GRIZZLIES: Instagram is the place where all the magic happens, if anything is getting shared it’s getting shared there! Glorious! On the 19th of April Timberlake’s Instagram account blew up (to no fault of his own), and the newbie daddy showed us baby Silas for the first time in his mother’s arm. Justin who co owns his favourite MBA team “The Memphis Grizzlies” has made it known that little mini Silas Randall has no choice but to be a fan too. The then eight day old baby was sporting a Memphis Grizzlies jersey off course!

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The gushing pops wrote: “The Timberlake’s are ready!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR.” Awwwwwwwww how adorable! But we are sorry Justin you are not the hottest thing in town no more! Silas is and we mean it! Silas and his cheeky grin stole the day. We don’t even know who won the match we were that busy starring at Baby Timberlake, haha.


Considering the new kid on the block was born on April the 11th, Jessica looked amazing! She doesn’t look like she’s given birth this year let alone this month! How does she do it! Radiant and glowing for a first time mum, not a drop of sick in sight. The couple already told Hollywood that they want Silas to experience a normal upbringing, one away from the bright lights of fame. It has been revealed the pair plan to raise their boy in Montana. How refreshing are these two? Away from the drama and aggro, just them and their children (presuming they expand) in good old Montana.

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All the best guys and keep them pictures of cutie pie coming.

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