Jury Deliberate Verdicts In Murder Trial Of Teens Accused Of Killing Tragic Bailey Atkinson

Jury Deliberate Verdicts In Murder Trial Of Teens Accused Of Killing Tragic Bailey Atkinson

By David Young And Samantha Jones-

Jurors in the trial of nine teenagers accused of a “murderous” attack on Bailey Atkinson(pictured) have commenced deliberations after weeks of harrowing testimony at Nottingham Crown Court.

The defendants, alleged to have ambushed Atkinson like “lions on prey,” now await the jury’s verdicts.

Atkinson, a 20-year-old, was left grievously injured, with a ’24cm Rambo knife’ lodged in his shoulder, following an alleged assault by a gang of armed assailants in Walsall, according to prosecutors. His chilling final words, “I’m going to die, tell my mum I love her,” reverberated as he lay in a pool of blood at the scene.

A trial at Nottingham Crown Court which has been running for three months,  heard how Mr Atkinson had cuts and bruises to more than 30 areas of his body, with stab wounds puncturing his lungs and severing an artery.

He was discovered by members of the public badly wounded moments after he had tried to pull from his body a blade which had become embedded in his shoulder.

During the trial, the court heard disturbing details of the attack, with Atkinson sustaining cuts and bruises to over 30 areas of his body, including stab wounds that punctured his lungs and severed an artery. Members of the public discovered him moments after he attempted to remove a blade embedded in his shoulder.

Prosecutors allege that the defendants “chased” and “attempted to run over” Atkinson before launching their violent assault in the early hours of January 28 last year. Following the alleged attack, the accused fled Walsall town center in two vehicles, allegedly wielding weapons such as the ‘Rambo’ knife and a machete.

Graphic CCTV footage of the alleged murder has been presented to jurors multiple times throughout the trial. Despite the evidence, all defendants vehemently deny the charges of murder.

The accused include Patrick Brookes, Ronan McCulloch, Sonny Loveridge, Nvaah Whitter, and Benjamin Wilkes, aged between 18 and 19, hailing from various locations in Walsall. Additionally, four underage individuals, whose identities are protected by law, also face charges of murder.

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