Grieving Widow Eventually Contacted By Southend Hospital After Husband Died From Needle Operation For Infection

Grieving Widow Eventually Contacted By Southend Hospital After Husband Died From Needle Operation For Infection

By Gabriel Princewill-

The grieving widow of Tony Sayers, who tragically passed away following a medical error at Southend Hospital in Essex in April, says she yesterday received communication from the hospital after a prolonged period of four months.

Sorrowful Ellie Sayers (pictured) has accused the hospital of ignoring her desperate pleas for them to tell her how her husband died, adding that her questions have been met with an abysmal lack of communication.

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The hospital say they  cannot immediately provide answers to many of the questions Ms Sayers seeks responses to, but is yet to explain why they have not been more sensitive to her deep sorrow by sufficiently explaining why they have been quiet for so long, and why they do not consider themselves in a position to respond to her queries in full.

According to the grieving widow, she was ignored by the hospital for four months since May, before receiving a vague response in August  which contained his medical file, but explained nothing about how her husband died.

The hospital told The Eye Of Media.Com that they are still investigating , and as part of of their standard protocol will have to delve into every aspect of what may have occurred and led to Mr Sayer’s death.

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It could take months before they get to the bottom of everything.

Ms Sayers says this could  them enough time to master a cover-up to evade true accountability, but the hospital told this publication it would be honorable and truthful in its eventual reported findings.

She wants an opportunity to examine  whatever account they eventually present, and is adamant that she herself witnessed a standard of care that fell below that expected of professionally competent medics.

Tony Sayers had voiced numerous complaints about being subjected to inadequate care during his time at the hospital, and apparently told his wife to ensure an investigation if anything disastrous went wrong.

”There were numerous occasions when I left the hospital that he would call me and cry. There were so many things they were doing wrong”. She is particular haunted by the sight of witnessing his arteries ruptured by the needle, after which a pool of blood splattered all over the hospital bed and unto her.

After a few weeks at Southend hospital, Mr Sayers was transferred to Basildon hospital where he managed to escape and climb to the top of a scaffolding building to protest inadequate care.

Police officers attended the scene, and it was covered in the local media, who would later not respond to her calls for media coverage of his death and her complaints about the hospital.

Ellie says the deafening silence she was  subsequently subjected to made her feel deeply upset and anxious, as she feared a major cover up was going on. According to her, it made her nightmares a lot worse.

”I would be checking my mails every five or ten minutes, just hoping a mail would appear anytime addressing my complaints, but nothing was forthcoming she said.

”I received one brief communication from them on August 7 saying they  would get back to me, but they never did. It was so scary because I did not know who to turn to.

”Solicitors said they needed to first get a response about their inquiry before they can look into, but the hospital were telling me nothing, but promising to keep me updated”.

Late Response

The hospital has now provided a reason for the delayed response time, citing Ellie’s continuous addition of more requests and complaints as the cause of the delay.

Ellie, in her distress, has expressed how this entire experience has left her debilitated.

She said the multiple complaints to the hospital, seeking answers and responses to her legitimate concerns have remained unanswered for too long.

The hospital had promised to respond to Ellie’s written complaints within 40 days, but far exceeded that time period without explanation.


She was so alarmed by what she thought was a cover up that she called MP James Duddridge, whom she says was promptly in contact offering his condolences, and who has promised to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, which was precipitated by a needle operation gone wrong.

Daily Nightmares

Ms Sayers says she suffers from daily nightmares as a result of the way he husband died.

‘It is really hard, I see him in my sleep almost every night, It is difficult you wake up everyday to be reminded that he was taking away through improper care, but there are no answers, and people seem to be avoiding the important questions”.

She also complained bitterly about the fact two of her her local media outlets -The Southend Echo and Essex Live- appear to have ignored her repeated calls  to them to cover her story.

” I just felt I was being sidelined by everybody and that they were closing ranks. It was giving me serious panic attacks’.

A coroner’s inquest scheduled for May 28, 2024, regarding Tony’s tragic death, the hospital’s delayed response to Ellie’s concerns underscores the urgency of addressing her grievances and ensuring a transparent and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding her husband’s passing.

Southend hospital was contacted  by this publication  and asked to to explain why it took them so long to at least communicate something to her.

They are yet to respond.

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