Essex Rogue landlord Slapped With £100k Bill after loosing  Court Appeal

Essex Rogue landlord Slapped With £100k Bill after loosing Court Appeal

By Gavin Mackintosh-

Essex Rogue landlord Robert Crow has been hit with a £100k bill from Southend Magistrates Court after loosing  his appeal to overturn a Magistrates conviction  in September 2018 where a £90k fine was imposed on him for housing breaches.

The 70 year old notorious Essex landlord was told at a fines hearing on Tuesday that he has 3 months to pay a total sum of £100,000 for a debt that has been hanging over his head since his first conviction at Chelmsford Magistrates Court in 2016, where he was fined £40,000.    Two years later in 2018, a second conviction for a similar offence followed for which mr.Crow was charged a further £44,00o.

Magistrates yesterday  told the self styled humanitarian that  a charge will be placed on his property if he failed to fork out the full mega sum, and that he could face jail. The Magistrates of two males refused to accept a monthly payment to clear the fine, saying it would  be ”too little too late”.  Crow who has already  lost one of his flats due to mortgage arrears is on the verge of loosing another of his property in the next week, after another of his lenders sent a letter requesting £66k , without which he would loose another of his flats.

Pleading poverty, Crow insisted he had no money because of a rental stop put on his home by Southend Council after a criminal behavioural order prohibited him from renting his property after his September 2018 conviction.   Crow turned up to his Crown Court appeal last Friday  without a legal representative, initially insisting on an adjournment and  stressing the right to have representation despite having several  months to arrange for one.

He told Basildon Crown  Court that arrangements for a barrister had failed, but was declined an adjournment  by the courts. Having adjourned a number of cases in the past, the court would not have been inclined to extend the date of the case when mr.Crow was in court in person.However, after a dramatic moment in which the troubled landlord claimed to be suffering from a panic attack, he  was granted a short 15 mins adjournment.

The landlord called for an ambulance, which did not turn up in the end.  His condition calmed down on his return to the duck but mr.Crow who has long complained about a conspiracy against him did not want to continue the case.

Crow was told the case had to continue , forcing him to  make a case himself why his conviction should be overturned. The central grounds on which Crow had contested this case rested on his claim that his property  was not a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), using a definition different from that presented by counsel representing the Council he has been at war with for nearly four years.

Eventually, the landlord’s appeal was refused , leaving him despondent and frustrated. He told The Eye Of Media.Com:

”The case was awful. It was a dog’s dinner, very biased.  Witnesses from the Southend Borough Council  lied in court and got away with it. I think the council and the courts are very corrupt. One of their witnesses( he names the witness, but we can’t without evidence) clearly lied on a question I asked her asked for witnesses who gave statement to be cross examined, but I was ignored. Southend Council’s barrister said they could not trace one of the witnesses who tuned up in a case against my friend(John Brake) only last week.

Its funny she was traced last week, but not when I request them in court. I think this court is corrupt, the court has an incestuous relationship with the council. I don’t think there is any justice in this town ”(Southend On Sea)


Just over a week earlier, mr. Crow’s friend, John Brake, was convicted at Southend Magistrate’s Court with one count of racism, and two counts of threatening behaviour. Crow insists the verdict was corrupt, and that witnesses lied under oath about the allegation. Mr Brake, also 70, was accused of using the ‘n’word towards a black woman Crow’s neighbour was speaking to, then revving his engine and driving towards her in a threatening way.  Crow told The Eye Of Media.Com: ”These witnesses have lied under oath, I was there, and John didn’t threaten anybody, or use those words.


The neighbour who was allegedly on the receiving end of the threatening actions of mr.Crow’s neighbour said:

” I am feeling very encouraged that justice has been given to Brake. He shouted at me and called me a liar but that was only to be expected. He was told he would be in contempt of court if he carried on so he shut up!! His barrister gave it everything she could but at the end of the day the truth won.

”I stood in court for all the people he and crow have abused over the years. I felt very angry but then very calm as I knew God was right by my side!! People like Brake and Crow eventually get what they deserve. I did feel very shocked when that stupid man drove his car at me!  I am just happy that he has now got what he deserved”.

Mr. Crow says he will fight on and appeal to the high court. Southend Borough Council was contacted for comment.





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