Domestic Violence  Victims Who Have To Move Home

Domestic Violence  Victims Who Have To Move Home

By Emilie  Caulkett-

Some domestic violence victims have to move house.The thought can be very daunting for some who are used to their environment and very familiar with their neighbours.

In many cases, the only real option is to move home and immediate and free assistance from the state is not always possible.

The implication is that many victims are too scared to report their offending partners, for fear they will face heavy reprisals.

Many offenders of domestic violence suffer mental health problems, and many times this is not known to the mental health sufferer or to the victim of domestic violence.

A system in which women can find out whether their partners have been convicted of domestic violence has been discussed for a while, but planting it is another matter.

Such a system will first have to be established and women will need to be educated about the importance of doing this each and every time they begin a new relationship. The trouble us that when the powers of attraction and love set in, it won’t even occur to many women to do this.

Most women will take men at face value, forgetting that if is very easy for a man to be the perfect gentleman in the early stages of a relationship in order to ease his way in and get what he wants.

Women can bs equality guilty of domestic violence. And whilst women can also be the perpetrators of domestic violence, domestic violence is a crime overwhelming committed by men. Women rarely get the right level of support to tackle domestic violence, despite a wide availability of theoretical support our there.


Many women need strong assurances in the form of security presence, but whether the will and financial resources to support his us available is another matter.

Unless a victim of domestic violence has strong made family members or string neighbours who are able to provide a physical presence, this void remains unfilled. The police are not always quick enough to arrive at the scene of an address where persistent domestic violence occurs, though many police forces act as quickly as they can.

One relatively easy solution may be the installation of security cameras in the homes and vicinity of their residence, where this is absent, as a deterrence to persistent offenders of domestic violence, again is an issue here, but one the government may have to bone up for.


UK prime minister, Theresa May, has promised to personally preside over the task of addressing domestic violence in a more robust manner than ever, and it will be good to see just how far the tough-talking prime minister will go in addressing the growing problem.

Some men attack their girlfriends for reasons as stupid as them not giving them money to go out for a drink or support their drug habit. It is a sign of weakness and mental instability, but it happens nonetheless.

Ordinary male and female citizens of Britain, and indeed the world, should join forces in rooting out this evil in society by speaking out and opposing strongly any acts of domestic violence that come to their knowledge, even if, and especially when committed by people they know or are friendly with.

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