Essex police are in the duck after bungling investigations into up to 30 cases out of 59 investigations carried out on child sex abuses allegations. One police officer has been suspended and the 110 others have been put on restrictive duties by Essex police. The shamed force have apologised to the alleged abuse victims and it has been admitted that some cases involved ”a ‘lack of honesty or integrity’ by officers involved.

Deputy chief office Constable, Derek Benson said ” I was very disappointed to learn of this and now determined to find out exactly what has happened and rectify things quickly, not least for the victims. we have contacted the families of those involved in the investigation to let them know what is happening and apologise for the undoubted distress caused.
if individuals have failed in their duties, they will be held to account, but we will also look at the possible aspects of why this has happened

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The police and crime commissioner for Essex said ” northing is more important to policy than to keep the most vulnerable members of our communities safe. Where victims have been let down, it is important that steps are taken urgently to protect them from further harm and to bring those who harmed them to justice.

All have been referred to the independent police complaints commission, who are looking at all cases. The IPCC have confirmed that it is that it is investigating the conduct of five Essex police officers, including one who allegedly fraudulently signed a complainant statement. The watchdog have revealed that the 30 cases included cases in which police appeared to have failed to safeguard the children, and crucially, delayed arresting suspects or referring them to the CPS.

The revelation heightens the already ongoing allegations against MP’s for child abuse and killings, many dating back to the 80’s and earlier. Since the historical abuse of epic proportions brought to light by the Jimmy Saville Scandal, a number of well known names have been arrested, some charged and convicted for their despicable roles in the sexual abuse of children. It has long been understood that powerful individuals have in past times used their money and connections to cover up their evil crimes, though with times changing, many are now being held to account of their behaviour. The tradition of secrecy that has characterized the sphere of celebrities and powerful politicians is speedily being eroded by a structure of accountability in which literally nobody is above the law.

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Most concerning for all is the reason none of these cases were referred to the CPS for prosecution, or why they failed to protect the children concerned. Who were the police protecting, and what were they hiding? It is most difficult to imagine any other reason Essex police would not have the interest of child abuse victims uppermost in their considerations, apart from of course, corruption. Norfolk and Suffolk’s joint professional standards department have taken over the investigation.

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