A hijab wearing woman is being haunted by police after she and a male accomplice managed to make a quick big earner from a pensioner after following the old lady who just cashed a lot of money. The unnamed pensioner in her 70’s had just cashed out £1,500 from Lloyds bank in Walthamstow high street when she was followed by the suspect and his accomplice. They followed her into Argos and used the ‘distraction technique’ whereby one person talks to the victim to distract their attention either by offering some kind of help or engaging them in a conversation, while the other carefully and skilfully targets the thing they want to steal. The distraction technique is an old one that many unsuspecting victims still fall for because not everyone has experienced it before. Such methods of criminal activity are widespread in Amsterdam, South Africa, Africa, America and many parts of Europe. They are used in England too, but not as commonly as other places.

The crooks successfully managed to take her purse and get away with the cash in what must have been a big day of celebration for them. Unfortunately for them, police managed to capture the female crook who use the hijab to give a false impression of being religious since most Brits would not expect a female Muslim to be so crooked. Times have changed and nobody can really be assumed to be law abiding just because they are religious. As the saying goes ‘religious people are sometimes the worst’, though the hijab worn by this female criminal may have been a ploy to deceive. History is full of examples of Christians and Muslims who are the worst hypocrites living. Even if one were approached by a stranger dressed as a priest, it would be advisable to run a mile if £1,000 in cash is sitting in your pocket. Unfortunately, Old people are often vulnerable and always accommodating. This time it came with a heavy price.

Police say they have footage of the pair following the pensioner, but they have chosen not to release the footage

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting 4905390/15 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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