Camilla To Be Crowned Queen At Coronation And Not Queen Consort

Camilla To Be Crowned Queen At Coronation And Not Queen Consort

By Sheila Mckenzie-

Camilla will become known as the Queen at the coronation, instead of Queen Consort, it has been revealed.

Late Queen Elizabeth II apparently gave her blessing to Camilla  eventually taking over the reins from her , a decision that would establish a new era in Britain, and likely to attarct plenty of commentary.

The coronation edition of the Bible is set to be released and just explicitly presents Camilla as “Queen”.

According to The Mirror, the coronation edition of the Bible reads: “To commemorate the Coronation of their majesties King Charles lll and Queen Camilla. In the Abbey Church of St Peter, Westminster. The sixth day of May 2023.”

The event is likely to upset  Harry, who in his bombshell book said he and his brother, prince William, had urged their father not to marry Camilla at all in the first place.

Prince William, who is still a central member of the royal family, appears to have accepted the current state of affairs, at least such is his official position.

Jordan Jones, CEO of unlocked Gala told The Mirror :Harry and Meghan are said  to be likely to  “miss out” on the prestigious red carpet event, the Met Gala, over ongoing “family drama”.

“They aren’t likely to attend as they will undoubtedly face scrutiny, no matter how hard they may try to minimise fallout – especially with how close this event is to the Royal Coronation,” he said.

Sources have suggested that Harry and Meghan will be reluctant to make an appearance at the 1 May event, since it will take place just five days before King Charles’ coronation on 6 May.


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