BBC Director Promises Transparent Internal Review Into Sexual  Assault Allegations Against Russell Brand

BBC Director Promises Transparent Internal Review Into Sexual Assault Allegations Against Russell Brand

By Gabriel Princewill-

The BBC has embarked on an internal review to investigate allegations concerning Russell Brand’s conduct during his time as a presenter for Radio 2 and 6 Music from 2006 to 2008.

This review comes in response to mounting allegations, including the claim that Brand used BBC cars to transport a 16-year-old girl to and from his residence.

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Allegations of sexual assault and rape by four women in addition to subsequent complaints by other women who say they experienced the comedian demonstrate an unhealthy predilection for sexual encounters with them on random occasions in the past.

Brand has strenuously denied the allegations, insisting that the sexual relationships in which he was engaged were “always consensual”, as he claimed to be the subject of a “co-ordinated attack”.

On Tuesday, director general Tim Davie(pictured) told staff the BBC’s internal review would “look at any complaints made about Russell Brand’s conduct during his time, what was

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Tim Davie,  stressed the importance of transparency in this investigation, aiming to uncover any complaints made against Brand and actions taken in response.

During a Q&A session broadcast to all BBC staff, Tim Davie reiterated the corporation’s commitment to transparency and emphasized the urgency of the internal review.

He stated that the review’s objective is to deliver its findings “in weeks, not months.” Davie stressed the need to establish the facts surrounding Brand’s conduct, including any complaints made against him, what was known at the time, and what actions were taken in response.

A Changed Landscape

In reference to the infamous 2008 Sachsgate scandal, which led to Russell Brand’s resignation after making offensive prank calls to Andrew Sachs, Tim Davie highlighted the significant changes in the media landscape over the past 15 years.

He expressed his strong disapproval of the content broadcast during that period, deeming it “completely unacceptable.” Davie emphasized that such content would not be tolerated today and stressed the need for collective commitment to prevent its recurrence.

Addressing Power Imbalances

Tim Davie acknowledged the long-standing issue of power imbalances within the television and radio industry, particularly between “talent” or presenters and other show contributors. He expressed his determination to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can thrive, free from such imbalances. Creating a culture of kindness and equality is a critical objective for the BBC.

The Review Process

The internal review into Russell Brand’s conduct will be led by Peter Johnston, the director of editorial complaints and reviews. The scope of the review encompasses any complaints made about Brand’s behavior during his tenure, the actions taken at the time, and any relevant information.


BBC Northern Ireland director Peter Johnston

 Former BBC Northern Ireland Director will lead investigation

The review will also investigate the use of BBC cars during that period, following a powerful testimonial highlighting this issue.

Pressure for Swift Review Findings

Dame Caroline Dinenage, the chairman of the culture, media, and sport select committee, has urged Tim Davie to ensure that the review’s findings are made public as soon as possible.

She emphasized that it is not sufficient for organizations to have safeguarding and whistleblowing procedures in place; adherence to these procedures must also be demonstrated.

The Eye Of Media.Com has also in the past two days requested to know the timeframe their internal investigation would take, as we urge the broadcaster to preside over a swift investigation.

Protracted investigations have always been a slight to many inquiries by organizations hit with scandal, given the need by victims and the public for a speedy closure to reproachable conduct by alleged transgressors.

The call for transparency and accountability resonates with stakeholders and the public alike.

BBC’s Actions on Content Featuring Russell Brand

In response to the allegations, the BBC has removed two shows featuring Russell Brand from its iPlayer platform. These include a 2018 episode of the panel show QI and a Joe Wicks podcast.

This decision reflects the seriousness with which the BBC is approaching the allegations against Brand and its commitment to taking appropriate actions.

Channel 4’s Response

Alex Mahon, the chief executive of Channel 4, expressed her shock and concern regarding the allegations against Russell Brand. She confirmed that Channel 4 had conducted extensive document searches but found no evidence to suggest that the alleged incidents were brought to the attention of Channel 4 management at the time.

Channel 4 has requested the production company responsible for Brand’s programs to urgently investigate the allegations.

Mr Davie’s commitment to swift action and cultural change within the organization reflects the evolving standards of the media industry.

The commitment to this review by both Mr Davie and Mr Mahon will not only provide clarity regarding the allegations but also contribute to shaping a more equitable and responsible media landscape.

The importance of safeguarding procedures and adherence to ethical standards cannot be overstated, as demonstrated by the resolute stance taken by the BBC and other industry stakeholders.

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