Bank Worker Defrauded Customers of Millions

Bank Worker Defrauded Customers of Millions

By James Simons-

A bank worker scammed rich customers of millions of pounds, using a number of imposter’s.

24 year old Molly Jones from Leigh In Sea, used computer systems from Lloyds bank to access accounts holding large sums of money.

Jones then passed the details to a criminal gang who ordered new bank cards used to set up transfers running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Fake companies were then used to move the money offshore to evade detection, the old Bailey heard.

One of her rich victims, Thomas Murphy, was targeted when he had £3m in his account. Jones set up a payment of £486,000 pounds to buy a property after an impostor came to her Lloyd’s TSB branch. Her mobile phone revealed details relating to the Murphy account , including a description of the impostor .


Jones conspired with a number of crooks from London and Essex, to defraud customers from Lloyd’s TSB. Homeless Benjamin Omiregie has also admitted involvement in the mass scam. His other defendants, 29 year old Courtney Ayinbode of Magdalen Court, South Norwood, and Kyshveer Raulia from West London , both deny conspiracy to defraud.

Presenting the case against the alleged gang of fraudsters, prosecutor Paul Calvin said:

” Accounts belonging to people with large balances – in some cases several millions of pounds – were targeted. To identify those rich accounts , an insider, an employee of the bank was recruited to help the gang “.

” The insider would then assist in breaching security protocols in order to steal the money. The money would be transferred to accomplices who swiftly transfer the money through a number of bogus businesses before the money would eventually disappear offshore.”

” Once it is offshore , it can come back inshore and nobody can trace it “. The court heard that the first victim lost £750,000 975, in the space of three days after it was accessed by Ayinbode and Omoregie in the Balham and Streargam branches if Lloyd’s TSB. An impostor then attended the Jung’s Cross branch in August , requesting to set up a transfer

Bank fraud in the UK us under reported and has long been a problem in society. Bank emoliyers never can tell a rotten spoke in advance until they show their true colors. The case continues.

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