Irish Diplomat Michael Collins Urges Britain To Be EU Realistic

Irish Diplomat Michael Collins Urges Britain To Be EU Realistic

By Ben Kerrigan-

A top Irish diplomat has urged Britain to be more realistic in its negotiating position.Dublin’s chief representative in Germany, Michael Collins, said he wanted to see the closest possible trade link between UK and the EU after.

Collins warned that Downing Street  needed to get its act together and put forward a much firmer set of demands to Brussels. The alternative would be to risk talks descending into failure, he said.

EU officials have complained that talks are likely to stagnate because Britain has no clear position on the divorce bill. In an interview with Euractiv, Mr.Collins said  he was encouraged with aspects of how last month’s negotiations had gon. However, he said the Uk needed to firm of its strategy ahead of the next set of negotiations. He said:

”Ireland welcomes the next stage of negotiations in all important areas;citizens right, financial affairs, and the specific concerns of Ireland

”Even though a certain amount of progress was made, we believe Briatin needs to come up with realistic and effective solutions to the challenges Brexit poses. It s clear many difficult and complex challenges remain”. Ireland stand to suffer economically if negotiations over the divorce with bill with the EU continues to hit a dead wall. He said. ”Ireland’s priorities include minimising impact on trade and the economy, protecting the peace process, safeguarding the common travel zone, and supporting public development of the EU , a union in we would very much like to remain.

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This is the beginning of very long and difficult talks. Ireland hopes they would be successful and result in the closest possible trade betwen the UK and The EU”.

Collins comments expressing support for the development of the EU as a union Britain would very like to remain, is slightly odd. It is at sharps odds with the fact that Britain has decided to leave the EU. The UK will no longe rbe part of that Union, but the talks are a last ditch attempt for the UK to at least have a trading relationship with the EU. EU chiefs are adamant that Britain has a huge divirce bill to pay, but Downing Street and most Parliamentary MP’s belive the EU are miles off the mark with respect to the huge divirce bill stated by the EU.

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