Police Officer Escapes Jail After Admitting Possessing Child Porn Images

Police Officer Escapes Jail After Admitting Possessing Child Porn Images

By Lucy Caulkett-

A police officer who appeared in court accused of possessing child porn cartoons,tried to shifted the blame on his girlfriend.

Lucas Beach from Wickford was found with 32 indecent pictures of a 12 year old girl in a bikinni. He was also found with dozens of bestiality photos, involving animals in a sexual context. However, the officer admitted downloading ”graphic novels”, but claime dhe had not viewed them.

Beach eventually explained the discovery of the pornographic images on his computer as being the result of his girlfriend’s actions. He had originally told Essex police when they raided his home in October that they would not find any illegal photos on his computer.

Unsurprisingly, his grlfriend strongly denied the allegation, saying she had met the accused at work and helped him fill in an application to ebcome a police officer. As it was emerging that this officer lacked the comptence to adequately fill in forms to become an officer, the woman said she was upset by the allegation. She said in her ststement that it was not unusual for him to lie and try and cover up his mistakes.

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”He always wants people to think the best of him”, she said. The Court heard that some of the images were in a folder marked ”incest stories”, and there had been no attempt to disguise them. What a naughty officer!

Brach admitted to possessing 33  category C indecent images of a child, 2,816, cartoon or CGI indecent images of children, and 73 bestiality photos. Yet, the judge spared withis weirdo of a  jail sentence.


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The judge explained that most of the images were, but just ”fantacies”, ”however sick those fantasies may be”. Judge Ian Graham seems to have forgotten that if most of the images were fantacies, some of them were indeed real children. However, he made no reference to what punishment should be given for the images that had real children. This aspect needs to be explained, and a request for a thorough explanation of this has been sent to Basildon Magistrates Court.

The judge sentenced him to 36 months Community order and he was told to complet an internet sex offender programme. In addition , he must sign the sex register for 5 years. The judgement appears to be a tad too light, and he realistically should have been placed on the offender’s register for life.

Interestingly, the story of his conviction was not on the Essex Police website today, neither was his picture disclosed in the same manner as other criminals.

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