Former European Commissioner For Trade Says U.K/U.S Trade Deal Can Be Blocked

Former European Commissioner For Trade Says U.K/U.S Trade Deal Can Be Blocked

By James Simons-

 Mr De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade between 2010 and 2014, says British politicians are fanciful if they believe they can agree to international trade deals whilst having access to the EU single market.

The Belgian politician categorically made clear in an interview with Radio 4 Today that whilst Britain is part of the single market, they cannot strike any trade deal with the United States .  When asked about a potential US-UK trade deal, he said: “It is a fantasy – access to the internal market means you are a member of the internal market.

“You will have to live up to the rules of the internal market, and you cannot strike trade deals with any other party whilst a member of the internal market.

” One of the advantages of belonging to the internal market would precisely be that you benefit further from the existing trade deals.

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“It would be complete madness if you were to do that.”

The trade expert said it would be “difficult to prejudge” any potential charges enforced on Britain if it were to quit the single market and attempt to arrange an entirely separate trade deal with Brussels.  The claim will send political stomachs turning, after U.S President Donald Trump, voluntarily announced his desire to strike a deal with Britain on trade.

EU chiefs have been locked in a tense dispute over a divorce bill following the Brexit vote in June 2016, with negotiations stalling about trade and access to the EU.

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The message from Brussels has always been that no country should be made to feel comfortable leaving the EU, otherwise other member states may folLow suit. Co-operation with flexible arrangements with the UK for a smooth transition without any significant obstruction does not seem to be the path EU chiefs are going to take. It is widely expected that Britain will officially be out of the EU by 2019, when all these rough issues must be ironed out if any degree of progress is to be seen.

British politicians have been resistant to the idea of making the large monetary sums being demanded by the EU, but are cognizant of the fact that some agreement is necessary if the UK will end up with any type of deal with the EU. British prime minister, Theresa May, has always insisted that no deal is better than a bad deal, a position supported by Michael Gove who has said that Britain can still survive without an EU trade deal.


All the confusion and speculation may be placed in accurate perspective if it turns out that the former European Commissioner for trade is right in his suggestion that the U.K can be blocked from entering a deal with the U.S before properly leaving the EU. An always interesting question is why knowledgeable politicians high up the ladder in their rankings and experience have different views and understanding on how things will play out in this apparently unpredictable developments which will have a historical impact on our political future and interrelationship with the EU and the rest of the world.


All the brovado on display need sto be controlled and disciplined so that carefully reasoned out solutions are presented and implemented to ensure the most profitable and beneficial outcome. Most British politicians are Etonians and graduates of Oxford University, as such they are expected to fully understand the workings and  any legal implications that surround our engagements with the EU including future plans in relation to trade.

All the top brains in Westminster must collectively figure out the way forward in this ongoing and fairly heated exchange of opposing ideas which does little to achieve any meaningful level of progress.


Trade is a vital aspect of every economy, making it absolutely paramount that both sides adopt a sober and thorough judgement in their assessment of the inevitable steps that must be taken to make sure the British public are not left suffering because of the failings of politicians who should be leading them.


The British public have had enough of the political wrangling and are primarily concerned with an outcome that makes their collective decision to leave the European Union justified. The vote to leave was not expected to leave the public in a frightning state of uncertinty or gloom. Inflation has fluctuated since Brexit with forecasts for the future divided amongst experts. At the very least, politicians home and abroad must get their acts together and work collaboratively to achieve a forward looking Britain

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