Wife Of Ex Drug Baron Hospitalized Twice In 2 Months After Jailed Husband’s Application Rejected By Parole Board

Wife Of Ex Drug Baron Hospitalized Twice In 2 Months After Jailed Husband’s Application Rejected By Parole Board

By Lucy Caulkett-

The wife of a former drug baron has been hospitalised, for the second time in 2 months, due to  intense stress over a set of circumstances that has seen both her son and husband imprisoned.

Sue Brown, 64, was rushed to  Hincibrooke hospital in  Huntingdon on Tuesday night, after she suddenly became very ill at her home in Cambridgeshire, and was bed ridden for the entire day and evening.

In June, she was similarly rushed to Petersborough hospital following a deteriorating health condition said to have been induced by extreme stress levels.

Ms Brown who  suffers from severe nerve damage, anxiety, histerectomy, and is on multiple medications including propamanol, amatryplin, and  amnitriptalene. is struggling to cope, after her husband, Marcus Brown was denied parole by the London Parole Board on the 26th of July, 2022. Mr. Brown has a court case this October  for conspiracy to supply class A drugs, after 9 kilos of cocaine was found in a vehicle registered to his business in October 2020.

His family have bitterly accused the probation services of corruption after they recalled him 14 months later, the same week he put in complaints against the probation services and sent a letter before action to Greater Manchester Police over allegations of corruption against his son.

They claim that members of GMP connected with the case of his son has collaborated with the probation services to prematurely recall him to prison as a punishment for trying to challenge the authorities.

Preliminary investigations carried out by some members of this publication concluded the recall of Mr, Brown to prison to be dodgy, citing the timing as very suspicious.

However, an 86 page document presented to the  London Parole Board by the probation services highlighting the history of Mr. Brown and the reasons they propose he remains in jail, has never been seen by The Eye Of Media.Com, although requests have recently been put in for them to be accessed for examination.

Brown was a notorious drug dealer who was sentenced to16 years in prison for importing class A drugs into the Uk. Every country would normally  consider a man with his track record as a danger to society who should stay and rot in prison. The issue raised with his recall appears to be the fact prisoners are meant to be recalled for lawful reasons, and not to satisfy personal issue or grudges which are separate for the legal purposes for recalls.

The Brown family have  accused three members of the Cambridgeshire Probation Services  of plotting the recall to suit their own ends. They are Neil Waters, Paul Wood,  and Matthew Ryder. They are threatening to sue the probation services and in the process of raising money to do so.

Sue Brown is currently a sad woman, having buried her mother last month, and having to stare at the hands of the clock in wonder when her husband and son will come out of prison.

Really Bad

Her daughter, Tiffany, 33 told this publication that her mother is ”getting really bad”, adding that the recent death of her grandmother Pam Redman, and the continued  imprisonment of her husband  and son has been causing her sleepless nights and unimaginable stress, which exacerbates other illnesses she suffers from.

Frantic Tiffany who refuses to be photographed or provide as photograph of her mother in hospital, sounded livid when on the phone, as she criticised her father’s lawyer  for doing an awful job in trying to release him from prison. They plan to put in an appeal, but has bene told appeal queues are very long.

Sue Brown, who slept in bed for the whole of Tuesday and the first half of today, eventually told The Eye Of Media.Com : ”I feel so down, but trying to stay alive for the sake of my children . I don’t want die and cause the family more heart ache. But I struggle to sleep most nights, and just can’t eat much. I don’t have much of an appetite

.This publication has seen medical records of Sue Brown obtained from her doctor with her authority to confirm her multiple ailments she suffers from. Her  health condition is very bad.

Tiffany said her mum was not attended to for nearly 5 1/2 hours, despite waiting on a wheelchair provided by the hospital, for her to sit and wait to be seen.  She said she will make a written complaint to the hospital.

” My mother  was kept  waiting for  5 1/2 hours before anybody took her blood. Doctors were attending to people who were not even anywhere as ill as she was.  She was sent to triage, and they said she had low blood levels  and diarrhea.  She was throwing up all over the place, All they put down on paper was sepsis or hydration? Other people arrived and were being seen before her. Staff there said these people were in front of  her, but we saw people come in after us and get seen.

We had to leave in the end. This is disgusting, I am putting in a complaint. She could have died waiting all that time.

A spokesperson for the hospital told The Eye

The family say Mr. Brown’s lawyer was incompetent and did not properly defend him by informing the parole board that he had been working since he was out of prison. Mr. Brown was shown a copy of the solicitor’s letter, but is apparently dyslexic, and not able to read properly at all.

The story of Sue’s husband, Marcus Brown, 63  has been told on this publication before. He was a former drug dealer who was arrested by Cambridgeshire police in March, after he attempted to work despite being aware there was a warrant for his arrest, issued by the Secretary of State. The warrant was made due to a recall to prison, after the former drug pusher lodged a series of  legal complaints against  Greater Manchester Police, and the probation services themselves last December.


The Ombudsman for the probation services opened up an investigation to address the complaint, but before long,  Mr. Brown, who had been out for over a year without any issues, was suddenly called back to prison. The Ombudsman subsequently abandoned its investigation.

Mr. Brown’s  family insists the recall is the result of a conspiracy by the probation services, who have abused their position of power in an attempt to frustrate Mr. Brown’s income and ability to see a case through to the courts.

He was complaining about the imprisonment of his son, Aaron Brown, and the wall of silence regarding questions the family had been asking about evidence in relation to his case. The Brown family say their son was imprisoned without a shred of evidence presented to him. According to them.

However, Cambridgeshire Probation Services who recalled Mr. Brown say he should remain in prison, and constitutes a threat to society.

Complaints to their former MP Stephen Barclay- now Health Secretary- and former minister of police, Kit Malthouse, have got  the family nowhere.

Sue Brown told The Eye Of Media.Com in June that she was struggling to get much sleep, as she heavily criticised her Mp, Stephen Barclay.

The family has lodged a legal suit against the lawyer, whom they accuse of being part of the alleged corruption against them.  They also have a suit against Greater Manchester Police in the court’s queuing system. Mr. Beirnstein ignored their pre-action protocol letter, and did not respond to a request from this publication about the allegations against him.

In the meantime, Sue, whose health continues to be a problem,  is planning to put in a complaint to the hospital tomorrow .

A spokesperson for Hincibrooke hospital in  Huntingdon said: ”The hospital sometimes gets very busy, and it is not always possible to see everybody. We try to see people as quickly as possible. The patient has been directed to where she can make a complaint”

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