Website Builder Godaddy  Admits Internal Technical Issues Affected Tens Of Thousands Of Sites  For Days

Website Builder Godaddy Admits Internal Technical Issues Affected Tens Of Thousands Of Sites For Days

By Gabriel Princewill-

Godaddy experienced technical difficulties , affecting thousands of users over a three day period between last Friday and  last Wednesday .

Representatives of the  publicly traded internet domain and web hosting platform admitted tens of thousands of its users were unable to access sites hosted on Godaddy’s platforms for hours at a time, during the breakdown.

The  admission came after The Eye Of Media.Com was affected for several hours over a two day period- one of the two days lasting a whole evening.

”We experienced technical issues over the weekend and one or two days this week, a representative of the platform said.

‘Our services often function well, but with various updates and technological changes going on, we tend to experience temporary glitches in the system from time to time.

Disturbances of this nature are not common with the hosting service, but is disappointing when it happens for prolonged periods of time.

During the Christmas period of 2018, our services were disrupted for a week between Christmas eve and the New Year.

Our site malfunctioned for most hours of those days, leading the global hosting platform to compensate us for our inconvenience and losses incurred during the affected period.

Failings of this nature are not very common with Godaddy, but can be very disruptive and disorientating when they occur.

A long waiting time on phone of about 45 mins also meant a relatively slow response to the problems we encountered.

The irony is that while kept holding, we are forced to listen to a beautiful musical melody punctuated with a periodic statement saying: ” we appreciate your business and can’t wait to exceed your expectations’. Please remain on the line and we will be with you shortly”.

The term shortly is often at sharp odds with the reality of a protracted wait in the day when complaining clients like ourselves attempt to get through to air our discontent with the disruptiv service at the time.

Estimated waiting times to speak to an adviser are often accurate, but sometimes far exceeds the stipulated time to be attended to.

This embarassing incompatibility between the internal workings of its machinery has been brought to the attention of its top supervisors for a much needed and comprehensive remedy in that respect.


However, professionals in the hosting department are almost always exceptionally courteous and helpful; this not always sufficient to abate the damage cause in quick time, though slightly mitigating the failing through their ever sincere apologies and efforts to redeem the situation.


Failings of this nature are not a common occurrence with Godaddy, but they should never happen to paying clients.

The shortcomings  are not conducive to the smooth running of any online business.

The affluent side builder have expert premium service that can be purchased to rectify problems that arise on the site due to issues not caused by Godaddy itself.

They often do a brilliant job, but sometimes take up to 72 hours before beginning work after being paid to do so.


The impact of failings like these are made worse when an immediate solution is not forthcoming and one has to wait for an excessive amount of time before a workable resolution.

Godaddy has also attributed occassional glitches to the increase in online sites created on their platform and the remote working conditions from home since the pandemic.

A spokesperson for Godaddy told The Eye Of Media.Com:”We are continuously upgrading our services and responding to some of the imperfections in the system as we encounter them.

Our strengths far outweigh our weaknesses, and we continue to welcome the constructive criticism we receive”.


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