Vegan Food Company Executive Charged With Terrorist Threat And Third Degree Battery

Vegan Food Company Executive Charged With Terrorist Threat And Third Degree Battery

By Charlotte Webster-

A vegan food company executive has been charged with third degree battery and making a terroristic threat after allegedly biting a man’s nose.

Top executive, Doug Ramsey,(pictured) was charged with felony battery after a fight outside a college football game in which he was accused of biting a man’s nose.

Ramsey was also charged with making a terroristic threat after the attack Saturday in a parking garage outside a University of Arkansas football game in Fayetteville.

Beyond Meat chief operations officer Doug Ramsey was reportedly involved in an altercation outside an American football game in Arkansas on Saturday, according to local television station KNWA.

The 53-year-old is accused of attacking another man after his car allegedly made contact with Ramsey’s in a parking garage queue following the Arkansas Razorbacks v Missouri State Bears clash in Fayetteville.

The police report alleges that Ramsey got out of his vehicle and punched through the back windshield of the other driver’s car. The driver told police that he got out of his car and Ramsey pulled him close and began punching him. Ramsey also bit the tip of the other driver’s nose, ripping the flesh, according to the police report.

The driver and witnesses told police that Ramsey threatened to kill the other man. Occupants of both vehicles got out and separated the two men.

Washington County court records show Ramsey was released Sunday on $11,085 bond. A court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 19.

Ramsey, 53, spent more than 30 years at Springdale, Arkansas-based Tyson Foods before joining Beyond Meat as chief operating officer late last year. He held top leadership positions at Tyson, including president of its poultry division and president of its global McDonald’s business.

At Beyond Meat, he has guided partnerships with fast food companies including McDonald’s and KFC.

Beyond Meat shares fell 2% Tuesday to $16.68, close their 52-week low of $16.51.

The El Segundo, California-based company has been struggling this year as customers dealing with soaring grocery bills have bypassed its higher-priced products. McDonald’s also recently ended a U.S. trial of its McPlant meatless burger developed with Beyond Meat without confirming any future plans for the product. Beyond Meat laid off 4% of its workforce in August.

Ramsey, who worked for Tyson Foods and McDonald’s before joining Beyond Meat in December last year, is reported to have got out of his vehicle and “punched back through the windshield of the other car” before “pulling him in close and punching his body”.

The Washington County police report also claims Ramsey, from Fayetteville, “bit the owner’s nose ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose” and “threatened to kill” him.

He has been charged with third degree battery and terroristic threatening, with a total bond of $11,085 (£9,700).



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