South London Mother Suffering With PSTD Pays Special Tributes To Committed Late Mp James Brokenshire

South London Mother Suffering With PSTD Pays Special Tributes To Committed Late Mp James Brokenshire

By Charlotte Webster-

A woman suffering with post traumatic stress disorder after her son was stabbed twice in a space of four months has paid special tribute to her Mp, James Brokenshire, (pictured)who passed away following a long battle with cancer.

She says her new MP, James Brokenshire, former minister of Old Bexley and Sidcup , whom she contacted for help when she moved to the borough, was the most responsible and committed professional that ever dealt with her case.

The single mother of three contacted the late  Mr. Brokenshire bitterly complaining about ill treatment from Croydon Council that led to her son being stabbed twice in a short period of time, after she had sent numerous emails and letters to council officials begging them to move her because of information she had that her son’s life was in danger.

She had developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)  from both deep bitterness against the council, and the experience of witnessing her son in a pool of blood after he was brutally stabbed in Croydon. He was fortunate to survive the stabbing.

”I feel so sad to hear of his death because this man was so helpful to me.

James was the first of more than 12 people I contacted at Croydon Council to intervene in my fight with Croydon Council to address my problem.

James made me feel like a human being, unlike the others who treated me like an animal.

He was the first to actually contact Croydon council and obtain a response which admitted fault in their handling of my case.

You could see the personal touch in his emails, it was obvious he wasn’t sending a recorded email used to reply to everyone, he demonstrated sympathy and empathy, and assured me he would do everything to help.

‘Through his intervention, Croydon Council eventually admitted liability to be, but have still not held those responsible for mistreating me to account.

I sent them an email asking particular questions about aspects  of one of their correspondence with James ,and they were supposed to respond within 28 days, but still have not responded.

When James was alive, he was passing on their response to me, and relaying any query I had back to them.

Even when he was in hospital, he was responding to my e- mails, then told me one of his representatives will take over whilst he is hospital. He wished me the very best.

I  also wished him a good recovery, and was hoping he would get better.

”It’s so heartbreaking’.

Simone John suffered with severe PSTD after she was badly treated by staff from Croydon Council  who ignored her multiple pleas to be moved from her former accommodation in Croydon, after he was threatened by a group of gangs who knew where she lived.

The council was expected to act fast on her behalf after her son got stabbed the first time in November 2018, but continued to be ignored even after he was stabbed a second time in April 2019. She was eventually moved, but insisted on holding the council to account to explain their failings.

Efforts to  Croydon MP Sarah Jones produced minimal results, although the Mp called Ms John to her office for chat about how she could help the single mother of three, but things still moved very slowly from then on.

Ms John is still traumatised by the stabbing of her son because she saw him in a pool of blood and began having recurrent nightmares from that day.

After she gave us a picture of her son lying on a hospital bed, which we published on two separate occassions, she later told this publication not to publish the picture anymore because it was affecting her mental health.  She also asked us not to publish any picture of herself, initially leading to objection from our editorial.

Nightmare Torment

Ms John told The Eye Of Media.Com that one particular official, Simon Hall, regularly appeared in her dreams teasing her.

Mr Hall was a New Addington North councillor for 14 years who was forced to resign as a result of a damning  report from the Local Government Assosciation’s Richard Penn.

” I was glad to hear Simon Hall had to resign because this man just ignored many of my mails like I didn’t exist, after he responded to one mail asking for us to arrange to meet. I don’t think he should ever be allowed to be a council official again.Audit shows £9m shortfall in Hall's property speculation deals | Inside  Croydon

Irresponsible Simon Hall ignored Ms John’s plea for help            Image: Sutton and Croydon Guardian

‘The sound of police sirens and the screams of my child, are one of the worst part of nightmares that has tormented me  since my child was stabbed, but the contents of my nightmares at night changes from one night to another these days.

‘Sometimes I see hooded black boys hanging around the location of my new resident, looking for my son.  I feel so lucky to have him alive, he could have easily died. His life has changed forever since then, he had to cut off all his friends  and associates from that area, to make a clean break, and make sure those who stabbed him never know where he is.

My son wasn’t a gang member, the thugs targeted him because of the part of Croydon he lived and the fact he lived in the same area as some teenagers who were part of a rival gang to another gang.

He has become deeply sad and recluse, and suffers nightmares himself. He till can’t move his arm.

‘None of the selfish professionals at Croydon Council was thoughtful enough to understand my situation, but James showed so much consideration. When he was in hospital, I kept praying he would be fine and recover well.

Even though I never met him, I could feel his support and commitment to do the right thing.

My heart goes out to his family, they lost someone special.

May his soul rest in perfect peace”.

Croydon Council CEO To Handle Case

Brokenshire left Katherine Kerswell in charge of addressing Ms John’s issue of holding the council to account and arranging how to compensate her for treatment.

Kerswell was in touch with Ms John after the 28 days lapsed for her office to respond to an official detailed complaint about her case,  but has still not addressed  her concern and there are fears that she may join her predecessor in just keeping quiet.

This publication has been in touch with her office abiut the case, but has got no response so far.


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