Selfies Post On Facebook Depressing Teenagers

Selfies Post On Facebook Depressing Teenagers

By Charlotte Webster-

Many teenagers are becoming depressed because of selfies put on Facebook by their peers .

Ultra conscious teenagers have admitted being more depressed each time they see  beautiful selfies of other girl’s on Facebook.

Teenagers who don’t feel they are pretty enough feel really low about themselves because they believe they are looked down upon for not being pretty enough.

A west London teenager who refused to be named told the eye of that she and some of her friends  experience spells of depression because they don’t feel pretty enough .

Their feeling of low confidence that induces their feeling of  depression
was sparked by the rising number of selfies of other pretty girls on Facebook.

” Every time i see a selfie of a beautiful girl on Facebook posted it makes me feel bad about myself. I just feel sad, unappreciated , and eat more, the 17 year old said.

“I post pictures of myself from time to time , but always feel bad about setting about my face or body. It makes me feel moody sometimes and very anxious.

I know other girls that feel the same way. Even when i have make up on I still don’t feel good enough. I don’t think u am ugly at all, but i just hunk it is a shame i am not that pretty”

The  ‘A’ level student at City of Westminster college said the depression sometimes affects her studies. ” If i see a spot appear on my face it worsens the whole feeling because i already feel bad about my look, so it feels like he odd spit here and there is just trying to destroy me”.

” When you are out with your friends and boys pick them to chat up over you, it feels like someone hitting me in the heart with an object. I feel so low. Especially when it happens more than a few times  with different girls”.


The young girl has sought counseling over her low self esteem but still struggles to overcome depression.

Teenagers like her should always remember that they should never feel in competition with other girls , but focus on developing themselves and accomplish something meaningful with their lives. Besides, there are many things people can do to improve their looks.


Improving their feeding a habits and worrying  a good less about their  I look can improve  how  they look. Exercising more where this is absent can also enhance he quality of a person’s looks. About all, working towards, or being in a career you enjoy is a real booster to the hormones , which can positively reflect in one’s overall look.
Individuals  who have accomplished their goal of are in the process of achieving it. Looks on their own are not as important  as many people make them out to be. Pretty girls or boys without a true touch of quality, focus or direction, are empty vessels.

They stand higher chances of meeting the wrong partners because of the broad attention they get which is not balanced with good judgment. Lots of them also develop bad attitudes that ruin their look, despite their blindness to this.

There can be no pretence that appearance has its strong advantages in life. Those advantages are strengthened by a good brain and a well organized life . The whole package of the individual is what matters most .


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