To be born a Princess is more than a privilege, and only a few will ever be born with such an honour. Princess Diana of Wales was not a princess by birth but she was the prime example of a real princess. A most endearing woman, she captured the heart of the nation with her with he sheer warmth, love and empathy for people. She was the nation’s idol because she personified all the qualities of a Princess-beautiful, special, chosen. Her boots will always be hard to fill, and her baby granddaughter will certainly have very high standards to meet. Even Kate will surely aspire to emulate some of the heart gripping sweetness and sentiments Diana so effortlessly possessed.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had the natural task of giving their baby girl a name fitting for a Queen. Amongst millions of suggestions, we all came up with “Elizabeth Diana” or “Diana Elizabeth” , so we weren’t that far off. The long wait was over on Saturday when the Princess came into the world at the famous Lindo Wing with her daddy, Prince William, standing right by his wife and her mother, Kate Middleton side at 8.34am on May 2nd when she arrived.

Fourth in line to the thrown, she had the bookies going wild-the favourite name choices were Alice and Charlotte, but, Moniker was a sly third favourite with thousands placing cash on the unusual selection. But we love the final choice Kate and Will, our new princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. We wonder what her big brother George makes of his sisters name.

Prince George who was born onJuly 23rd 2013 actually boosted the economy just by his very arrival into the world as a heir to the throne. Souvenirs alone like cups and t-shirts brought in an astonishing 250 million that year alone. Princess Charlotte has already boosted the economy by 80 million. WOW! Fans will be going crazy for everything the young princess is seen wearing, she has been estimated to rake in 1 billion by the time she reaches her 10th birthday alone. It’s safe to say Royal girls are more popular than our Royal Boys. Princess Ann was the last girl to be born back in 1950 and we are sure she would have made the same impact if social media was just as invasive as it is now.

The couple kept the secrecy of their babies’ sex until the birth just like they did with Prince George, the couple prefer to wait until the birth. George’s nanny Maria Borrallo will be there to help with the second child but despite the help Kate insisted that she doesn’t want a second nanny, we love how conventional she is. I guess that’s why we love them so much, just a normal couple who don’t try to be anything else but ordinary. We welcome her to the world

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