My Black Mother Expressed Concerns  About How Dark My Baby Would Be Before Birth

My Black Mother Expressed Concerns About How Dark My Baby Would Be Before Birth

By Gabriel Princewill-

A mixed race British girl who is at war with her  biological mother has revealed that her mother who is black, expressed concern  about how dark the colour of her unborn baby’s skin would be whilst she was still pregnant.

Pretty Tyra Pritchard, 23,(pictured) is in an emotional battle with her mother Francis Koi. The revelation comes as the strain between the mother and daughter have escalated after  a straight one year of intense malice following a series of allegations and counter allegations, which threatens to irreversibly damage the relationship between the pair.

This particular allegation  is similar to that stated to have taken place in the royal family,  except that a similar version of the same event  has occurred in a black family, and is causing big drama.

In this story, the young girl blocked her mother from social media and did not speak to hear for a year, also preventing her from seeing her granddaughter, until an intervention by The Eye Of Media.Com led to a compromise, late in 2021 and in the new year.

For many months in 2021, this publication sought to tell the  feuding story of the mother and daughter, but yielded to pleas from family friends to try and resolve the intense acrimony in the hope of salvaging the unfolding crisis affecting child, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, rather than expose the story to the world in public interest.

The acrimony between the pair has become so intense, begging for public attention as ill felling spirals out of control in this extraordinary saga of anguish, resentment, allegations and counter allegations.

It is a story between a mother and daughter whose history has been characterized by family separation between mother and father and father and daughter for decades.

It all came to a heads when Tyra yielded to advice to allow her mother, Frances Koi, see her grand daughter after nearly a year of keeping her at bay, and her mother drove her from Romford to Nottingham where she lives, taking her to Nottingham hospital for a check up and calling her daughter to inform her. Tyra was given a lift up North suddenly, but was left stranded there by her mother who declined to drop her back to Shoeburyness in Essex , complaining that she wouldn’t put up with her daughter’s rudeness for a four hour drive.

Tyra says she was behaving amicably and had no intentions to exhibit any rudeness.

According to the youngster,  a fresh bruise she discovered on her daughter’s head  led her to suspect her mother had a sinister plan to hurt her daughter.

The story is also being used  by analysts as a prime example in assessing what weight should be attached to  claims that a question by an unnamed member of the royal family asking how dark the colour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s unborn baby would be was racist, if a similar question is being asked in a black family.

Some analysts looking at the story say questions like these are not uncommon among ethnic minorities, and adjudge it hypocritical for black people to  be quick to jump to conclusions of racism at the alleged question asked by a senior member of the royal family, when similar questions arise in ethnic settings.

The mother of the young girl in question, Tyra Pritchard, raised the question with her daughter, after she learnt that her daughter  had been impregnated by a Ghanaian man, whom she met on a night out.

The young girls mother, Frances Koi, told The Eye Of Media.Com: ” the only reason I asked the question was because Ghanaians are usually dark, and I have never met this man.

Koi’s mother and grandmother of Tyra , Cadai ,also defended her saying: ”I originally asked the question how dark the baby would be and this was out of curiosity. It was nothing to do with favouring a lighter complexion, but mainly because Ghanian men are known to be very dark.  I don’t think you guys should try to compare this with the issue raised by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because it is different”.

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Fuming: Frances Koi                                                                                             Image:facebook

However, not everybody agrees the account should be treated differently from that of the royal family. Royalist and thinktank member whose first name alone we are allowed to give as Sally said: ”why should it be seen as different. It is not different. The same issue said to have caused a storm between the royal family is causing a problem here in black family, but all of a sudden it is racist when it occurs in a white setting?

The  baby eventually turned out to be very light in complexion, like her mother, Tyra. The pretty young girl has declined to give us access to the picture of her 17 months old child.

Tensions between the pair got out of control on new year’s day after Ms Koi took the young child who was placed  under her charge in Romford, and drove her to Nottingham, citing illness of the child, which her daughter disputes but alleges her mother took her away out of spite to annoy and inconvenience her.


The rift  between the mother and daughter has  escalated, and eventually led to childhood issues being raised, including allegations that  Tyra’s mother was violent towards her as a child, and subjected her to  beatings with a belt whenever she was deemed to be naughty.

Tyra has also accused her mother of leaving her outdoors not properly dressed on some occasions in her teenage years when matters between the pair deteriorated.

Tyra Pritchard, 23, is adamant that her mother’s speculation about how dark her unborn child would be was  motivated by spite and concern, not curiosity.

Speaking rapidly in a tone reflecting a deep resentment, she said : ”my mum didn’t just express wonder as to how dark my child could be, she actually said I think she may come out quite black. That’s not a thing a mother should say, especially as she is  a black woman herself.

”I have heard all the reaction about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claim that someone in the royal family expressed concern as to how dark their baby would be, but what can anyone say when you hear that this happened in a black family, and not my a member of the extended family , but by her mother herself.

‘In the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I think it was a stupid question because Meghan Markle is really light, she even looks quarter cast. There was no way she was going to be very dark anyway. That case is not even as bad as my mother’s comments. My mother’s comments were worse because she actually thought by daughter would come out black and she was saying it to spite me”

Pritchard, whose father left her mother when she was born in protest of her mother’s refusal to have an abortion, says she has felt emotionally troubled right from her teenage years because of ill treatment in the hands of her mother.

She accuses her mother of subjecting her to so much physical assault as a child, that social services took her from her mother as a teenager and put her in protected accommodation.

Her mother vehemently denies this, and has accused her daughter of fabricating the allegation. ”Let her fxxxxxx prove it and produce the social worker who can confirm her fxxxxx story, her mother said, fuming in her tome as shouted down the phone.

Ms Pritchard also says her mother is never willing to help her financially without insisting on being re-inbursed, telling this publication, ”I sometimes wonder if she is my real mum, I think I should request a DNA test”.

”My mum once paid £600 pounds to support my accommodation when I eventually moved into my own property, but she insisted I pay all the money back, even though she had just won hundreds of thousands of pounds from her divorce to her husband’.

She told me when I was pregnant that she hopes my baby is a girl so that I can experience all the pain I apparently caused her in raising me’. You don’t know my mum, she is very spiteful”.


Tyra’s mum, Francis, has reacted angrily to the allegations. She claims her daughter was a very difficult child for whom she sacrificed everything, taking her abroad and hiring a tutor for £25 an hour when she sat her G.C.S.E’s.

A key worker, who works with vulnerable people, Koi separated from Tyra’s father when she was born, after he expressed displeasure at her decision not to have an abortion.

She was always involved with boys , having one drama after another in school. Yes, I was a strict mother, but not as callous as she is painting me out to be.

”Tyra is a liar, claiming that I assaulted her as a child. Where are the life scars on her body? I would like her to produce evidence from social services to confirm that they took her from me because I was abusive towards her.  Tyra moved out of home herself, social services never got involved in my parenting of her. I am ready to go all the way to achieve a proper investigation, she said.

‘These allegations are malicious, and I sometimes wonder what I have done to have a child that can be so spiteful”, she said.

Tyra has also cut off her grandmother, after she took sides with her mother during the long investigation of this publication into the claims.

Tyra originally nominated her grandmother to this investigation to evidence how difficult her mother was as a child herself, but her grandmother said: ”Tyra is my daughter’s only child, there is no way she would have subjected her to the attacks she claims, and I wouldn’t have known about it. It breaks our hearts that she is making these unfounded claims.

”Tyra has always found a reason to be at war with her mother. To be honest, I first asked the question about how dark the child would be, and I was asking out of curiosity because the father is Ghanaian.

If Tyra had such a big problem about the question, why has she not confronted me with it. Why is she putting all the blame on her mother?

‘The family crises has disturbed me ever since it started. I have four siblings, and they all have peace in their family. I am the only one who doesn’t have peace, but I keep praying  to God will bring peace to my family”, she said, her voice cracking as she spoke.

Tyra and I are not in the same class. I don’t have time for people who don’t know how to talk to me and can’t stand he rudeness, she said. If she wants to talk to me, let her write to me”.

When the comparison made with the royal family dispute was brought to the attention of Tyra’s grandmother, she said: ”The royal family is different because because of the history of colonialism, her grandmother said in response to the fact her family’s story is being used as a basis of comparative analysis with that of the royal family.

The topic of colonialism presents its own challenges in the context raised, when exhaustively subjected to scrutiny. It was one of the issues  raised by television presenter, Trisha Goddard, which constituted some of the many complaints with which Ofcom were flooded, but not as central as that of Piers Morgan.

The subjugation of European countries to ‘white slavery’ by the Arab slave trade in the mid 19th century, when added to the millions of European Christians enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1695 ,makes it clear that no race was exempt from the deplorable experience of slavery.

The undoubted embodiment of racism in the history of slavery has tended to distract people from the fact that the essence of colonialism was essentially for material gain in the context of world domination, though racism was  unarguably manifested in the overall scheme .

The impetus of global supremacy in economic terms lies at the heart of what was incontrovertibly a dark time in human history that spanned many cultures, nationalities, and religions.  The victims of slavery were from a vast host of ethnicities and religious groups.

There is also the theoretical question of whether a racist historical past by a person or country, renders every subsequent act in which a potentially racial connotation can be reasonably derived, conclusively racist.

Offering the suspected offender the benefit of the doubt in such circumstances can easily be juxtaposed with reasonable suspicion of the contrary, once colour and shades are mentioned in potentially derogatory terms.

‘On the face of it, there is a strong possibility this question was racist in it’s motive, but this is speculative, not something evidential. We need the whole circumstances of the question before it can be assessed as a fact.

The case of this young girl and her mother is an interesting one for assessment. Jumping to conclusions is tempting, but it could have been curiosity, it could have been a form of internalized racism. We don’t know for sure.

When questions like this are asked in black families it could be a sign of inferiority complex, but it could also just be  a matter of pure interest”.

Keen researcher and royalist Sally said: ” there has obviously been a serious fall out here, but this is a good example when it comes to allegations of racism when it comes to such a question. It shows that questions like this can be a matter of curiosity or speculation. If it’s racist when asked in a white setting, what do we call it when asked in a black setting”?

‘In any context when humans ask questions like that, they are interesting in the appearance of the baby in terms of picturing them and imagining how they will look. Human beings are capable of viewing it negatively if they want to be spiteful to someone, but even then it is about spite, not racial superiority, unless they are stupid’.

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