Katie Price And Low Profile Younger Sibling Appear On GMB To Promote Baby Clothes Business

Katie Price And Low Profile Younger Sibling Appear On GMB To Promote Baby Clothes Business

By Sammie Jones-

Katie Price and her sister Sophie appeared on Good Morning Britain to provide to promote their new baby clothes business.

Sophie, 32, is Price’s younger sister by 11 years, and told the British  morning show that she normally doesn’t announce her blood relationshp to her sister because she is very private.

Katie and Sophie share the same mum, Amy Price, but have different dads, with Katie’s birth father Ray leaving the family when the star was just four years old.

Amy married Paul Price in 1988, giving birth to Sophie. The siblings also share older brother Daniel, 46.

Asked what it was like being the sibling of Katie, She said: “She’s been in the public eye since I was about six so I don’t know any different… I got agro’ at school.

Katie also made refrence to the backlash arising from her fame for her sister and mother, Amy.

She said: “My family – if they see headlines, ’cause we’re all so close they get the backlash. Where I might put on a front, they see the real side.

She admitted the family does get the effects of publicity she receives, also revealing she had been bullied in school. The siblings have different fathers.

Katie and Sophie told the show that their mum is now on a lung transplant list as she continues to battle idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The interview saw Price’s sister, Sophie, make her first television appearance, after normally leading a much more private life than her high profile sister.

Sophie, aged 32, is Price’s younger sister by 11 years, and the siblings have different fathers.

When asked how Amy was doing, Katie said: “I call her Ghostbusters…. Hi mum if you’re watc

“And she [Sophie] says it’s like mum on a lunge line because around the house her oxygen pipe thing, it just follows her around the house.

“So when she tries to have a go at me, I’m like, ‘Mum, turn your oxygen up. Calm down.’ But other than that, she’s good.”Amy is battling idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (Credit: Zed Jameson / Flynet – SplashNews / SplashNews.com)
Meanwhile, Sophie continued: “She’s getting on alright, she’s on the transplant list now as well.”

Katie said: “Yeah, so she can only be four hours away now, wherever she is. So we hope she’ll get a lung transplant.”

In 2017, Amy was told she may have three to four years left to live after being diagnosed with IPF.

Earlier this year, Katie said her mum wasn’t giving in without a fight as she opened up about her condition.

In a joint interview with The Sunday Times in April, Katie said of her mum: “She puts on a massive show of strength but her illness is slowing her down.
“Because we know we’re losing Mum, nothing goes unsaid. I know everything about her and she knows everything about me.

“I miss holding her and giving her a cuddle.”

Katie also previously said she offered to donate one of her lungs to her mum.

Speaking on the Life, Interrupted with Simon Thomas podcast, the star said: “She is waiting to see If she can have a lung transplant, I even offered my lung to her but it is not that easy.

“Even if she was to have it now, there’s nothing to say she will survive it as it can reject in three weeks, it only prolongs your life by 5 years.”




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