FBI Agents Search Donald Trump’s Mar- A-Lago Home And Break Into His Safe

FBI Agents Search Donald Trump’s Mar- A-Lago Home And Break Into His Safe

By Aaron Miller-

FBI agents searched Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and broke into a safe at the Florida resort, he revealed last night, in a dramatic escalation of the criminal investigations swirling around the former president.

The FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s residence in Palm Beach at about 6pm local time. The warrant was reportedly related to allegations that Trump unlawfully took classified White House documents to Mar-a-Lago after he left office last year. That investigation is one of several  others the polarising  former  U.S president faces into his time in office and his private business as he aspires to another run for the White House.

Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg says the search is unprecedented and would have gone through many “layers of review”. It is reportedly connected to an investigation into Trump’s handling of official papers and whether he took classified records from the White House.

Trump is believed to have  taken  government documents home to Mar-a-Lago when he left office and removing official records may constitute a criminal offence under the presidential records Act

The former president also  stands accused of inciting an “insurrection” when he made unfounded claims of election fraud. The events that led to the Capitol riots are still being investigated and could lead to criminal charges, and the search is aimed at discovering anything that could help investigators  discover anything at his property which is of interest to him .

There have been allegations that Trump tried to tamper with the state of Georgia’s election results, and a phone call he made saying “I just want to find 11,780 votes” is the focus of an investigation.

Another shot in the White House for Donald Trump would be the nightmare for many U.S officials and also citizens of the United States. Those  who would love to see those ambitions aborted early and not left to a gamble of any sort are in abundance.    Another Donald Trump era even as a theoretical possibility is frightening enough for the drive to kill that drive at its infancy, and with the one and only Donald Trump, there are many opportunities to do so

Exactly what the latest search will reveal is yet to be seen. America will wait to see what materializes from the very unprecedented search.

Lara’s husband Eric Trump also appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Monday night to explain he was the person who received the call Monday morning informing of the impending raid on his father’s home.

‘To have 30 FBI agents – actually more than that – descend on Mar-a-Lago, give absolutely, you know, no notice, go through the gates, start ransacking an office, ransacking a closet – you know, they broke into a safe. He didn’t even have anything in the safe. I mean, give me a break.’

Presidential Bid

The raid comes as Trump is considering another bid for the presidency and his actions after the 2020 election, where he tried to invalidate Joe Biden’s victory, are under investigation by lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

‘We are a nation that in many ways has become a joke,’ Trump said in the ad. ‘But soon we will have greatness again.’

Donald Trump  reacted to the  search by posting a late Monday night a damning message in which he described America ‘a nation in decline’ – while also still promising a political future for himself where he says ‘the best is yet to come’ just hours after the FBI raided his Florida home.

The ad was posted to Truth Social, Trump’s own alternative social media platform, in the aftermath of a raid on his Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI – reportedly as part of an investigation into whether he took classified documents with him when he left the White House.

The former president’s voice narrates the video ad, which opens with a jolting clap of thunder over black and white photos of America.

‘We are a nation in decline,’ Trump said.

‘We are a failing nation,’ he continues, pointing to high inflation , high energy costs and leaving behind soldiers in Afghanistan.

The ad was posted late Monday night after Lara Trump appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight and blasted the FBI’s raid. She claimed it was about weaponizing the justice system and added that people are terrified that her father-in-law is going to run for president in 2024.

Trump is thought to be preparing for a possible third presidential run in 2024
He is facing numerous investigations, including a Congressional inquiry into the 6 January Capitol riot

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