Evil Thug Who Slashed Man’s Face And Set Rottweiller On Victim Begins 11 Year Jail Sentence

Evil Thug Who Slashed Man’s Face And Set Rottweiller On Victim Begins 11 Year Jail Sentence

By Tony O’Riley-

An evil thug has began a jail sentence of 11 years, after slashing a man’s face before setting his Rottweiler dog on him.

Patrick Loftus, formerly of Perry Street, Northampton, was jailed for 11 years for the vicious knife offence, which left his victim with serious injuries.

Friend’s of the victim told The Eye Of Media.Com the sentence was too light, and that he should never be allowed on the streets again.

One family member of the victim who insisted on anonymity , said:”He is probably going to do half of the sentence and ber out after 5 1/2 years. The punishment is not serious enough for the crime, he has ruined a man’s life and should get more time for his offence. This man is a monster, not a human being, he should rot in jail.

On September 10, 2020, Loftus set about his victim on St Andrew’s Road in Northampton and began a fight with him.

The fight spilled out onto the road, stopping traffic.

During the scuffle, Loftus pulled out a weapon and “stabbed and slashed” his victim’s face, arm and abdomen. He also set his Rottweiler dog on the man – who suffered bite wounds on his arm.The injuries inflicted by the victim meant he needed surgery, leaving him with life-changing scars.

Motorists who had been stopped by the fight called Northamptonshire Police, and although Loftus attempted to flee with his dog, he was later arrested and charged and his dog was seized and destroyed.

All of this happened just 12 days after Loftus had committed another serious offence.

When presented at court, Loftus pleaded not guilty to the offences, but after a lengthy four day trial, a jury found him to be guilty at Northampton Crown Court.

Loftus was sentenced to eight years for grievous bodily harm with intent and having a dangerous dog out of control which caused injury.

He was then also handed another three years and four months for the robbery, making a total sentence of 11 years and four months.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Ryan Tilly, of Northampton CID, has said that this is a “robust sentence” for the nature of the “terrifying attack”.

“Patrick Loftus was responsible for a vicious attack on his victim, pursuing him out into the middle of the road and repeatedly stabbing him, all while his dog simultaneously mauled the man,” DC Tilly said.



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