Piers Morgan’s Renewed Attack On Meghan Markle On U.S Right Wing TV

Piers Morgan’s Renewed Attack On Meghan Markle On U.S Right Wing TV

By Aaron Miller-

Britain’s former leading television voice, Piers Morgan, has used an interview with  right wing Fox News channel,  to mount a renewed attack on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The 55 year old was ITV’s selling machine to millions of Brits who woke up each morning to watch one of their most exciting and sensational morning programmes hosted by Morgan, always prepared to offer drama to the nation through his choice of guests and frequent steam in debates.

Morgan’s dislike for Meghan Markle is well documented, he had criticized and discredited her numerous times on his well watched programme, probably heightening whatever mental issues she was silently facing without help in Buckingham Palace.

The daring television personality would never have guessed he would lose the rewarding job he had on the popular television show he hosted. Morgan may have lost his job, but not the fight in him which saw him draw audiences so high, that ITV’s boss , Kevin Lygo, was forced into an admission that the confident and sensational presenter is irreplaceable.

The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex must have been laughing once they heard Morgan has lost the main platform on which he launched scathing criticisms against them- especially Meghan Markle.

Their troubles are not over because determined Piers Morgan will push for answers and dig deep to avenge what he must see as a knock out blow from Meghan- whose bombshell interview has led the resignation of at least two other prominent media figures, including  The editor of The Society Of Editors, Ian Murray, who was forced to resign.

During the interview on U.S television, the former British Good Morning Britain host challenged Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle, to give up their titles, and stop benefiting from it.

Step forward and highly opinionated Morgan also told the American audience that the majority of the British public agree with his comments, in which he expressed doubts about the claims of Meghan during the Oprah interview.

Morgan insisted there were ‘seventeen different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue, or massively exaggerated, or unprovable,’ he said. ‘I don’t understand why I should have to believe people who are not telling the truth, he told Fox tv.

‘There are so many ridiculous whoppers in this interview that frankly in the end, saying I believe her would be like saying I believe Pinocchio. Why would I?’


Racially charged America was in shock after Prince Harry and his mixed race wife made a number of serious revelations during an Oprah Winfrey interview, aired on CBS television, and shown around the world.

The axed television presenter has now taking the step to confront many of the claims made by Meghan Markle, Morgan himself, exposing himself to close examination in the process.

Piers told Tucker Carlson’s Fox News programme: “The British people have seen through this.

“Old, young, black, white, it didn’t matter. They’ve been coming up to me in their droves all day every day.”

The former newspaper editor claims he refused to succumb to the broadcaster’s pressures to apologise for his remarks about the couple – after they triggered more than 50,000 complaints


Attacking deals for the pair on Netflix,  the chief critic of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,  attacked the fact the besieged pair have pursued several lucrative deals, but ignored the fact Prince Harry’s income was taken away from him.

Mr Morgan said: “Meghan Markle, who married into one of the most richest, privileged families in the world and within a couple of years has gone back to her home in California, is living in an $11 million mansion, is doing all sorts of enormous deals with Netflix, Spotify, you name it they are taking the checks, hundreds of millions we read.

“How are they getting those? They are getting those because they are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“They are getting them off their royal titles.

“The royal titles bestowed on them by the very institution that in that interview with Oprah Winfrey they say they cannot stand, it is suffocating, it trapped them and so on.

Piers told Tucker Carlson’s Fox News programme: “The British people have seen through this.

“Old, young, black, white, it didn’t matter. They’ve been coming up to me in their droves all day every day.”Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Debut Netflix Series to Document Invictus Games | Hollywood Reporter

Meghan and Harry are laughing after getting read of Piers Morgan and striking deals.


Addressing the fall out with GMB weatherman, Alex Bereford, Morgan said Morgan described his comments  as a “premeditated attack… on a personal level”.

Morgan told Carlson: “He’s not a journalist. But he’s somebody I’ve helped with his career a number of times when he’s asked me to”.

Morgan also described Beresford’s comments  as a “premeditated attack… on a personal level”.

In another attack on the royal couple, he described Meghan as a “delusional duchess who is on the make” and accused her and her husband of “complete hypocrisy”.

Meghan was an OK actress on a show not many people watched.”

On Harry, Morgan said he has “turned into a whiny brat in his mid-30s complaining his dad isn’t still financing everything he does”.

Morgan would have done better to state clearly whether he thought Prince Harry had enough money to hire his own security and look after his family for the rest of his life. Prince Harry was left an a £7m inheritance from his late mother Princess Diana,  who died in 1997, and also £3m from his great grandmother in 2003. Most would imagine it would be sufficient to last them a life time, but would it cover all their  future needs ?



Morgan voiced many complaints following his departure from Good Morning Britain, stating that he was branded racist for not believing Meghan Markle’s story. He said there were many parts of her story which were either ”untrue”, or not ”provable”.

He also said :”I just find that impossible to believe that you would have two people in the palace who would be that callous to a woman telling them that she was suicidal,” he continued.

It is arguable whether declining to break protocol by bringing in outside professional experts would have necessarily been callous. They may simply have not know how to deal with it, and may even have felt Meghan had in someway contributed to the issues she was facing.


Commenting on the case, Business coach. writer, and analyst Sheila Mckenzie, told The Eye Of Media.Com: ” Not every aspect of a story necessarily needs to be proven. Plausibility in some cases is enough. It is quite plausible that  Meghan Markle would have suffered mental health  issues in the palace, if she was shocked at the gap between what she expected and what she experienced.

‘If she was aware of false stories written about her in the press which were not corrected, that would mess up anybody’s head.

‘The first thing which was affect her psychology is the motive for the false story, who is behind the story, and why it is not being changed”

It is also plausible that if Meghan Markle asked for assistance from the palace for her mental health, that it would have been denied them.

‘We know this because it would not be practicable for the palace to disclose such serious thing to the world.  Why would they? Prince Harry himself would have known pursuing such avenues would be against palace protocols.

Unfortunately, it was  catch 22 situation, and Prince Harry may himself  have needed to break protocol to address his wife’s issues, but he says he was trapped in the system. Any issues of mental health complained of should have been addressed internally in the palace.

It would mean addressing the core of her issues, and providing some therapy. That would have been almost an impossible task if the relationships.

Practical Steps

Piers Morgan would be better advised to explain what practical steps the couple could have taken to address Meghan’s mental health issues. Who would they have been expected to tell that a false story in the press about Meghan Markle making Kate Middleton cry, was among other things, affecting her mental health? Who outside the palace could have done anything about it?

One of his criticisms which stands out is the debunked claim that Meghan Markle’s  then unborn son, Archie, was denied the title of prince, because he of his race.


The world awaits an explanation as to why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that his son was denied the title of prince if they understood the reasons he could not be a prince, and what possible reasons there would be for him not to have been given the reasons for that.

Analysts studying Morgan’s claims have already discredited his query as to who in the palace denied the couple assistance for their mental health complaints, and why Prince Harry didn’t address them himself.

Palace protocols would inevitably have prohibited any outside involvement to address mental health issues internally; neither the palace nor the Duke or Duchess Of Sussex could help that.

There is a general consensus that Piers Morgan has right to question the details of Prince Harry and Meghan’s story. The problem he faces in building any credible level of dignity in his was with Meghan relates to his initial dismissal of Ms Markle’s mental health issues, and the known vendetta he has against her for ghosting him.


Morgan is still livid after his poorly thought out condemnation of Meghan Markle, the day after the televised interview, cost him his job

The former Daily Mirror Editor was poorly advised not to apologise if he genuinely did not believe Meghan Markle’s story.

The bombastic veteran journalist did not consider the consequences of abusing free speech in a way that harms the reputation of anther who had suffered severe mental health issues, and is likely still suffering from mental health problems.

It was the same downfall that saw Morgan loose his job at CNN, after he thought he could leave Britain and come and lecture Americans on gun laws in the brash and dogmatic way he did.

The former newspaper editor claims he refused to bow to the broadcaster’s pressures to apologise for his remarks about the couple – after they triggered more than 50,000 complaints.


Piers Morgan must come to the realisation at some point that arrogance had the better of him in this situation. The gall to so audaciously rubbish the whole of Meghan’s testimony on air, was a stark reflection of arrogance and bad judgement combined coming from him.

His refusal to apologise showed further stupidity, ignorance about the seriousness of the error he made was his undoing. Piers Morgan’s still has to his credit his very strong character, which in addition makes him an open book for evaluation.

Chances are low that the former presenter, whose career has taken several hits in the past, with accompanying resurrections, has had all his views tested by independent minded people, before going public.

It is always the way with public interviews, they always think they know what are doing, and will make not expose themselves somewhere along the way.

Had Meghan Markle first considered the consequences of telling the world she had married Prince Harry three days earlier, the complexities surrounding her response would never had exposed her to criticism about it.

The British media and the British pub are surely aware of common law marriages and other forms, but a public figure who claims to have been marriage a few days before the main public wedding, always risks some type of backclash, and potentially confuses the  minds of people who only understand things on the face of it.

Right Wing

Morgan’s decision to use a right wing platform like Fox to air his views does not do much for his hard earned credibility.

Media watchdog groups such as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)[3] and Media Matters for America, have argued that Fox News’ reporting contains conservative editorializing within news stories.

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean has referred to Fox News as a “right-wing propaganda.

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